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2019 Roush (Rausch) Family Reunion in Gatlinburg, TN

The 308th Birthday of

John Adam Rausch

2019 Family Picture.jpg

For almost every year since 1925 the Roush family has gathered together to celebrate the birthday of John Adam Rausch. We visit with family, connect with new family, share heritage information, and distribute information about the Roush (Rausch) Family lineage.

We always get together in early August and start with a Friday night banquet. People can come early and visit with historians that can help you research your Roush family line. There is a dinner and usually some form of entertainment for the evening. We have had local musicians, barbershop quartets, funny speakers, and historical impersonators.

This is followed up on Saturday morning with an auction that is held to help raise funds for supporting the family reunion and for the college scholarships that we distribute. We close the family activities with a picnic, but people are welcome to stay and visit and take in the local attractions.

Every 10 years we return to the original homestead of Johannes Adam Rausch in the Shenandoah valley near Mt. Jackson, VA.

Scroll through the past locations to see if a reunion has been held in your home town. If not, maybe you can host a reunion and we will come to visit!

Also check out the pictures from past reunions to see if you find anyone you know and to see some of the activities that take place. We'd love to have all our cousins come and pay us a visit!

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