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The Roush (Rausch) & Allied Families Association of America, Inc.

The association is an Ohio not-for-profit corporation and qualifies for IRS tax-exempt status under paragraph 501(c)(7) of the Internal Revenue Code. However, donations, dues and expenses incurred for attending meetings are not deductible from the individuals federal income tax. Books and records are available for review at the Secretary’s office.

We are an association that brings family together and tries to let people know of their Roush (Rausch) family heritage. We do this with our yearly family reunion throughout the country and with assisting in family research. All of the officers and trustees are volunteers that give their time to preserving the history of the Roush (Rausch) family lines. 

Family Origin

It is evident that many of the Roush families of America with the various spellings, are of the same origin. Most of the families listed as emigrants as having come to America between 1732 and 1743 we believe to be of the same immediate families of Jacob (T.) Rausch, 1732, the Jacob Rausch who settled in Windsor Township, Berk’s County, Pennsylvania, and the John Adam Rausch, of 1736, the first ancestor of Volume I. Reference should be made to “The History of The Roush Family in America,” by Lester Le Roy Roush, published in 1928.

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Jerry Roush


Michael D. Roush

Vice President

Michael G. Roush


Diana Gamble


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Lisa Standley


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