The 88th Roush/Rausch Reunion will be held in Shenandoah Cavers near Mt. Jackson, VA , August 5th and 6th 2016. We are celebrating the 305 Birthday of John Adam Rausch.

Click here for the April 2016 annual news letter

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  • Jonathan Grimm:

    I am looking to add additional information to the Roush Researched books. My 3rd Great Grandfather on my father’s side William Grimm married 24 Mar 1910 in Mason County, West Virginia to Serepta Ann Roush daughter of Benjamin Roush and Sophia Altman which is listed in one of your Roush volumes not sure which one. My 2nd Great Grandfather William Pearley Grimm also married 21 Jul 1894 in Mason County, West Virginia to Mertie C. Roush daughter of Henry Roush andSarah Riffle. It says that William P. Grimm left and headed west. I would like to be added to the news letter and see what else I can do to update my information.

  • Beth Cranston Voight:

    My grandmother was Ethel Roush Leyrer…

    Her daughter, my mother, is Ethel Babette Leyrer Cranston, who attended many of your reunions…

    I would like to become a member of this association…

    Coincidentally, my best friend and family are from Chesire and Rio Grande, Ohio…her aunts taught at the college…I am wondering if any of my relatives know of her and her family there…Lillian Thomas, Cynthia Thomas Langona, Richard Thomas, Bree Thomas Ramey and Elizabeth Langona, who passed away 2 summers ago……

    At one time, my husband even considered a job in the admissions department, at Rio Grande College…

    Can’t believe the family reunion was held in Rio Grande, 2012…

    My husband and I, along with our family, lived in Massanutten, Va for 12 years…coincidentally, the family reunion was held in Shenandoah, Va at the same time as our daughter’s bridal shower in New York, that year…

    It’s amazing to me that our daughter attended JMU, in Harrisonburg, Va, which is near the family cemetery in Mt. Jackson/New Market…thus, our move from upstate NY to Massanutten…

    Please add me to your email lists…

    Beth Voight

    • Michele Hoy Messick:

      My grandmother was J. Glenda Roush Hoy, your grandmother’s sister. My Uncle “Pete” attended several reunions. Perhaps your mom remembers him.
      I met my “Great Aunt Ethel” when I was a young girl. She was very pretty.
      We live in Maryland.
      It was nice to make a connection here.

  • Patricia Marie Roush:

    Please put me on your email list.
    Thank you,
    Pat Roush

  • Patricia Marie Roush:

    Daughter of David Stewart Roush of Clinton, Indiana son of Clarence Roush of Parkersburgh, West Virginia

    Please put me on your mailing list. Want to attend the Roush Reunion next year. Always wanted to go.
    Thank you,

    Pat Roush

  • Loren Burkel:

    Southern Minnesota (Joseph H. and Mary Weber Rausch) cousins reunion occuring tomorrow Sunday 8.25.13
    at Chas E. Roessler family residence at Fish Lake near Elysian MN, co-hosted by his sister Kathleen Rosessler Rients
    family and organized by Judith Sieberg and myself Loren Burkel. Tracing descendants of 1839 immgrant’s son from Koblenz area out of Bell, Germany in Rhineland. Voluntary health info exchange, cemetary, descendant data, pontoon rides for kids and photo swap. Portrayal of late Unlce Syl Burkel the ice cream man. Est 40 attendees.

  • Mary Lou B lumenschein:

    Please email me the form that needs to be used for all family updates to be published in pending vol 5. Thanks I decend from the Marysville Ohio Rauschs

  • Joanna Bond Proferes:

    I am on page 98 Vol. 4 – member of the John Adam, Philiip. Philip Jr., George William Roush Line. Daughter of Robert Ellsworth Bond and Charlotte Prince Bond. The Bond Family has many family updates and are interested in knowing the location of the next Family Reunion. Please advise. Home Phone: 863-815-7511 Cell Phone: 863-660-5866

  • Bonnie Steger:

    I would like to join the Roush group and receive the newsletter
    Bonnie Steger
    2133 Greensward Dr.
    Atlanta, GA 30345

  • Monique Leonard:

    I am a descendent of Phillip Roush Sr. son of John Adam Roush. I just came across this website in doing geneaolgy research. I would like to be able to get the newsletter. I Interested in helping in anyway that I can. If you would like more infoon myside of the family just let me know. Thank you.

  • Mary Lee Marchi:

    Just wanted to let everyone know — The Roush Reunion Banquet was held last night at The University of Rio Grande with many cousins from all over the United States attending. It was a great success, food was delicious, companionship was wonderful. Bob Hood of the Gallia County Visitors Center was the speaker, he did a wonderful job explaining the history and sites of Gallia County. There was a workshop before the banquet with the historians explaining the process of filling out the forms for the new Roush Book 5. Today will be the auction and picnic.A good time was had by all.Have a safe trip home.

  • I just found that I will be able to attend the annual reunion next weekend. I didn’t see a specific email to which I could send and RSVP. Is it okay if I pay in person on Friday? I will attend the Friday evening and Saturday morning gatherings….. My cell is 414 403-5553. Thanks.


  • David Coleman-Roush:

    Could you send me the newsletter, im interested in learning about my familys history and just came across this site. Im related to DeLoydd and Joellen Roush from Columbus Ohio

  • Lindon Donald James (son of Gaynell U. Roush, daughter of Bessie & Edwin Roush):

    We would like to attend the reunion in Ohio, please reply

  • Nancy Mallory Archer:

    Please add me to your newsletters. I am descended through 2 lines of the family.

  • wayne Huff:

    Could you send me an annual newsletter. We are just learning about the Rausch Family Assoiation and the annual reunion.
    My wife is related through Wirt and Meecham and Rausch families in the area of Christianburg Va.

    e mail address

  • sheldon roush:

    The 2012 Reunion will be held in Rio Grande, Ohio. It has been held there several times in the past years. Annual letter should be in the mail, to all membership members on the mailing list,l by the middle of April. Hope to see you there.

  • Frances & James Rausch:

    Where is the reunion for 2012?

  • Barbara Rausch:

    Let us know wehave quit alot Barbara

  • forrest:

    Hello Raymond
    Would you like me to add to our links section?
    Please email me at and we can discuss how to get you on board.
    My hopes for this site is to make it community driving where all Roush’s can contribute in one way or another
    and share in our past, present and future.


  • I am in the second edition of Rausch Families [I believe] and have to update information. I have married and now have five grown childern [3 daughters and 2 sons] and 7 grandchildern. I am now 71. I have a computer business and on the other site was the second listed website [ just under]. I would like to get active in helping in some way.

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