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June 6th, 2016

The 88th Roush/Rausch Reunion will be held in Shenandoah Cavers near Mt. Jackson, VA , August 5th and 6th 2016. We are celebrating the 305 Birthday of John Adam Rausch.

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  • Hi, From Eugene Oregon. I want to get the other side’s of my family to do this. I am descended from Willard Loren Reese and his mother was a Roush. I would like to know more of my Kin and when my family comes to visit Mariland Reese in Cheshire we would like to say hi.

  • Joy Ballard:

    I see the forms for the new volume are on your website. Does that mean that the deadline of 2013 was extended?

    • Matt Roush:

      If you have information please send it in. We still have plenty of time to get it in the new volume.
      Matt Roush

  • Jim Taylor:

    While researching my gggrandfathers service in the Civil War (John Perry Wolf, his mother was Elizabeth Roush) I came across the fact that John Roush served with him in E Company 4th WV Volunteer Infantry. John Roush died of disease at Milliken’s Bend camp during the battle and seige of Vicksburg. If there are any descendants or close relatives or even a representative from the Roush family organization interested, there is a medal awarded by the State of WV that has been sitting in storage since about 1870 waiting to be awarded. If interested, check out the following: http://www.wvculture.org/history/medalm-z.html Instructions for claiming the medal are available on the site also.

    James N. Taylor

  • Burger, Dorothy (husband was Edward Burger--since deceased):

    My husband’s family dates @ least back to Adam Rausch. Family members have 1 or2 Roush books but I would like to buy one. Are any available through you? I borrowed one book that had all his family in it & dated back to Adam Rausch–possibly the 5th printing but I returned it to Edward’s brother, Paul Burger . My geneology Iacking so would really like to access the one that includes the Burger branch.

  • Clara:

    Just read through Volume 1 of Roush Family History. Is the family of John, son of Jacob, (“who married a Jackson woman”) included in any of the subsequent volumes?

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