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June 6th, 2016

The 88th Roush/Rausch Reunion will be held in Shenandoah Cavers near Mt. Jackson, VA , August 5th and 6th 2016. We are celebrating the 305 Birthday of John Adam Rausch.

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  • I am part of Phillip Roush’s Family I was raised in Red House WV – Now in Encinitas, California…

  • Pauline Weaver:

    Dear Sirs:
    I am working on the genealogy of the Rausch family here in central Ohio. I am a direct descendant of Johann Georg Rausch and his wife Anna Katharine Blumenschein. On page 244, Volume 11, it says that John Abraham Rausch was the clergyman ancestor of John George Rausch. Could you please specify the lineage here?

  • I would like to find out more about the Roush family. My dads mother was Carrie Kirker maiden name Roush. She lived in Adams Co. and passed away in 1927 and is the first head stones in a grave yard in Manchester Ohio. Anyone from that area that has researched the name could share info with me. My grandfather Walter Stout had a dinner there. He was a fireman from Cincinnati Ohio.

  • Rhonda Roush Carmichael:

    I’m trying to find the exact location of the Moses Roush (1837-1913) farm. I know it was in Graham district, but would like a more exact location. Can anyone help? Thanks!

  • Edmund Glen Johnson:

    My mother was a Roush. Her name was Edna Marie Roush. Her father was Fred Martin Roush. Her paternal grandparents were Walter Roush of Sulphur Springs (Tampa), Florida and Aurilla Lewis Roush. She was born May 27, 1924 in Tampa, Florida, and died September 3, 2013 in Plano, Texas. Her children survived her: Fred Martin Johnson of Madeira Beach, Florida; JoEllen Johnson of Bonham, Texas; and myself, Edmund Glen Johnson of Fort Worth, Texas.

    I would like to join your organization. How should I proceed?

    I also recently visited the headstone and the original grave site of the founder of the Roush (Rausch) family, and need to know with whom I should discuss a project I wish to fund that would provide more substantial protection for that monument. I am working with the monument company in Mount Jackson, VA on some alternatives that would be similar to the protective enclosure as seen on the the website for another historic tombstone that would encase the John Adam Roush tombstone in a metal and glass case for protection. When I was there two months ago, the brick and glass structure around the stone was failing, and caused some concern.

    Thank you for your website and your activities to continue the grand traditions of the Roush families.

  • Alan Rausch:

    Alan Rausch (1953, Pierre, SD – ) (me)
    Neal Rausch (1926, Gettysburg, SD – )
    George Rausch (1868, Port Washington, OH – 1959, Gettysburg, SD)
    Frederick Rausch (23 Oct 1830 Baumholder – 10 Aug 1895, Port Washington, OH)
    Philip Rausch (born, Baumholder – died about 1868 Indiana)

    Wished I would have known about the 5th Book being written. I have a boat load of Rausch family stuff. Any chance I can still submit?

  • richard roush:

    Guten Morgen all you roushes and allied families out there. How come y’all stopped posting when a few bloggers came on here. don’t let these outsiders stop a good thing. It’s a fine sunny morning going into the afternoon here in sunny Carolina. i’m having a wonderful stroll through life meeting with friends, church family and viet nam buddies. so let’s hear it from y’all. how you like the southern y’all. i’m part of the southern branch of Rausch and Allie Families of America. y’all have a fine day and a better tomorrow. waiting to hear from y’all. If I can be of any help to y’all, let me know.

    • richard roush:

      To H. Ross Roush, I am very sorry I haven’t answered you before now. I don’t check the Roush site as often as I should and haven’t scrolled down far enough to find your post of June 28, 2012, concerning my cousin Attarah Faye Dewhurst. I am very sorry I haven’t answered until now and ask your forgiveness for being neglectful. I remember Attarah Faye very well. One time years ago she and her family were living back of Middleport because Dave was working in a mines in Meigs at that time. I visited for awhile, we chatted and I ate dinner with them.
      this had to be somewhere in the 1959-61 era, maybe 61-62. Long time ago. Then we saw her at different reunions after that. I especially remember seeing her at the Point Pleasant Reunion in, I think, 1982. She was secretary at that time. I used to go with my parents to Uncle Van’s and Aunt Kelsie’s as a boy and I remember Aunt Kelsie could put on a feast. Would your dad be Doug Roush?
      Uncle Van and My granddad Charles Wilbur Roush were brothers, my granddad the oldest and I think Uncle Van was the youngest. I am the youngest of my family. The only other one left is an oldest sister who lives in Clearwater, Florida. I live between Greensboro and Burlington, North Carolina. My wife is from Richlands, Virginia. All our young’uns, grand young’uns and great live in NC except for a granddaughter and two young’uns live at Hillsville, Virginia.
      again Ross, sorry about the length of time. I hope to hear from you. Your cuz, Richard Roush.

  • Jan Penning:

    this is an unusual request. I am a friend of Eugene F. Rousch, Believe he was born around Dec. 22, 1957. Many of his friends know not much more about him as he did not mention family much, just in bits and pieces. He passed on a few days ago and we are desperately searching for a family member to let his family know. We are taking care of everything else. we are located in Nebraska, in the wahoo and fremont areas, and help or just an acknowledgement that his family knows would be appreciated. thanks, Jan.

    • Keith D. Ashley, National Roush Family historian:

      Due to the immensity of the ROUSH/ROUSCH/RAUSCH family,it is impossible to be able to identify Eugene F. ROUSCH.
      If you could locate his birth record, which would then list his parents’ names, I MIGHT be able to help.

  • John Roush:

    I was researching a lot about the Rausch Family Origin. I am currently on a trip throught europe and will be stopping in Germany for a week. Will any of you Roush’s help tell me where Rausch Family first originated in Germany?

  • Ingrid Schwerdtner:

    Hi everybody,
    I am mailing from Baumholder, Germany. My mother was born a Rausch. She was a descendant of Johann Abraham Rausch (1640-1714), who was a minister of the Reformed Chruch in Baumholder from 1660 until 1714. He is kown as the ancestor of all the Rausches living in our region today. Do you know if he is an ancestor of Jacob and John Adam Rausch,too?
    With greetings from Germany, yours
    Ingrid Schwerdtner

    • Carolyn Saylor:

      My research shows that John (Johann) Adam Rausch is a grandson of Johann Abraham Rausch. I am sure others may have more information. Johann Abraham Rausch was my 8th Great grandfather. Would love more information on the family in Germany and Johann Abraham’s ancestors. You can contact me directly at cas@rainierconnect.com if you would like.

      • Marcus Schneider:

        Dear Carolyn, I am a direct descendant of Johann Abraham, too. He was married to Maria Margreth Faber and son of Johann Wilhelm Rausch and Anna Hammer, and almsot everyone in Baumholder, Germany is a descendant of them:-)

    • I would like to get more information on Johann Abraham Rausch also. Do you have his wife’s name, and his children? So far I haven’t succeeded in finding any German records for John Adam, because I’m not sure where to look, but I keep hoping someone will! I am descended from John Adam through two of his sons, Jacob and Philip. I have a blog called A Sense of Family, http://www.asenseoffamily.com, with an email contact button. Please contact me if you know of any possible info on the family in Germany. Thanks!

    • Marcus Schneider:

      Hi Mrs. Schwerdtner, I am a direct descendant of Johann Abraham Rausch, too, my paternal family comes from Baumholder for generations.

    • Keith D. Ashley, National Roush Family historian:

      Yes, he is the ancestor of John Adam RAUSCH/ROUSH.

      Keith Ashley, National Roush Family historian

    • catherine lee sidwell:

      Looking for info on Josephus Rausch wife was Franisca Dupal

    • Dieter Schmidt:

      Mrs. Schwerdner,

      My grandfather (mothers side) was from Baumholder. Here is my direct line to Johann Bernhard Rausch:

      Jakob Rausch (1873-1950) died in Saarbrücken
      Christian Rausch (1843-1906)
      Johann David Rausch (1784-1845)
      David Rausch (1760-1799)
      Isaak Rausch (1707-1760)
      Johann Wilhelm Rausch (1679- 1723)
      Johann Abraham Rausch (1640- 1714)
      Johann Wilhelm Rausch (<1595- 1644)
      Johann Bernhard Rausch (estimated dates only)

      I visited Baumholder on several occasions, as well as the archives in Zweibrücken and Koblenz.
      If you are interested in a data exchange please contact me in English or German at: hdsresearch@sympatico.ca

      dieter schmidt

    • ray benson:

      my family line history seems to match your family,thought i would say hello

  • Kelly Belcher:

    Hi :) I am from NZ and believe I am a descendant of the Roush family through my father’s father. I think his name was David Roush and he served in the US Military during WW2. While stationed here in New Zealand he met and married my grandmother, her first name was Patricia but I am unaware of her maiden name. They then had my father, Michael David, born 17/08/44. My grandfather was killed in battle in the South Pacific and my grandmother re-married later on. I would love to find out more about this side of my family as it’s been a great mystery to me for a long time. Would I be able to have any access to my grandfathers military records so I can start my search?

    Kind regards

    Kelly :)

  • Ryan Roush:

    I am 29 and have been jumping into family history since my grandfather (Phillip Quinten Roush) passed away in 2011. I have traced my family line accurately back to a Samuel Roush (1807-1855) who is the father Albert Roush (1831-1911). Samuel’s father is listed as John Roush (b. 1770) married to Elizabeth Myers; the problem is I believe the name is really Johann Heinrich Rausch. I don’t have any information to prove it and I would love to contact some other interested parties. If Samuels dad is Johann Heinrich than I would be from the PA Rausch’s not the John Adam Roush’s that my Grandfather thought we had come from. I would love anyones help and information. My email is rrroush@gmail.com.

  • Keith Jowers, Per Rep for Virginia W. Shine:

    I received a mailing for Virginia W. Shine, Jacksonville, FL. I am not sure why she was receiving your Family Association letters but we regret to inform that Ms. Virginia W. Shine passed away on March 23, 2013. She was laid to rest at The Church of Our Saviour on Mandarin Road in Jacksonville, FL. You may remove her from your mailing list.

    Thank You.

  • Hi.. I am looking for pictures or family of Ronnie Ray Roush Sr who was killed in Vietnam in 1968 and had two children with Winnie Roush (Kennedy) our names our Ronnie Ray Roush Jr and Clair Louise Roush

    • Bridget Finn:

      I am Ronnie’s niece.

    • Keith D. Ashley, National Roush Family historian:

      Without more information on him, it is impossible for me to determine anything for you. At a minimum, you would need
      the names of his parents from his birth record.

      Keith D. Ashley, National Historian Roush Family in America

    • richard roush:

      Sorry Clair, I haven’t any pictures and cannot help you. I want to give honour to a fallen brother and his family. I served in Nam from December 16, 1963 to January 28, 1965. thanks to my brother the fallen warrior and I hope his family has found peace and happiness. I meet every Monday with a group who were in the Nam, Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force. It has helped me a lot. I am at peace with myself. What outfit was my brother with? God bless you all. Sincerely, Richard Roush.

      • Shirley Finn:

        Clair, I am your aun;; Ronnie was the younger of my two brothers .the last I saw you was in 1968 at Ronnie’s funeral. Send me your mailing address and I’ll see what photos I have that I can send you.
        Shirley Finn #1645
        Venture Out, Mesa, AZ 85205

  • jerry:

    Hi Hope you can help, I’m looking for father of Elizabeth Roush B.1783 Pa. She married a John George Deeds Lived in Mo.died In IL. On Ancestry my tree shows a Elizabeth born about the same time and her father Henry mother Dorothea Nease. She married Peter Wolf. Another tree shows the first Elizabeth that her father is Henry and Dorothea too. I can’t find any info. on her being Henry’s daughter.
    Clear as mud I know but hope you can help. Thanks Jerry

    • Barry Lewis:

      Did you ever find out the correct Elizabeth Roush that married John George Deeds? My family tree is one of those that apparently have the wrong Elizabeth identified. I haven’t checked the Roush site in a while and didn’t know they had resolved that Henry’s daughter had married a Peter Wolf.
      Sorry for the late request. I had just about given up.

  • Barry Lewis:

    I’m trying to validify information in my family tree. The info I have shows a daughter of Henry Roush (1752-1831) and Dorothea Neas.This daughter, Elizabeth Roush (Feb 20 1785- ) married John George Deeds. However, “The Roush Family in America Vol. I Contents pg. XXiii and pg. 365 same volume indicates that this Elizabeth died in childhood. Anyone that came help me , I would greatly appreciate it. If the Elizabeth Roush connection is valid I have 2 connections to Henry Roush, if not, I’m not sure.
    Thank you for any assistance that anyone can provide.

    • Keith D. Ashley, National Roush Family historian:

      The daughter of Henry and Dorothea (NEHS) ROUSH named Elizabeth married a Mr. WOLF. She was incorrectly listed as having died in Volume 1 of our books but was corrected in a later volume.

  • Jesse Rogers:

    Hi, I am looking for family of Roush that reside in Iowa. I was told I have a grandfather named Robert Roush poss. goes by
    “Bob” Roush. Believed to have 3 or 4 children with his current spouse. My father and uncle are identical twins and would like to meet their siblings or other relatives. They were born in 1965 in the Waterloo area, dont know much more and havent had luck other than what my stepgrandfather told us. Was told may have been a sherriff at one time or worked at John Deeres in Iowa?

  • Melissa Lambert:

    Me and my mother have been researching our line of the Roush family for years. We would like any pictures, old documents, etc. that we could add to our collection. Any help would be greatly appreciated! My line is John Adam Roush, Jonas Roush, John (Johnnie) Roush, Jacob W. Roush, Louisa C. Roush Ohlinger, Luella Belle Ohlinger Lieving, Ada Rosaleen Lieving Oldaker (my grandmother). Thanks again!


      I am the great-grandson of SARAH VIRGINIA ROUSH TUCKER and came across your query by chance. SARAH is a sister to your LOUISA C. ROUSH OHLINGER and wondering if perhaps you have access to a picture of SARAH and her siblings. Unfortunately my father had a rough childhood but was raised by SARAH and his father, BURLEY BERNARD TUCKER. SARAH had married CALVIJN CLIFTON TUCKER but they later divorced.
      I do plan to supplement her portion of the family history and bring her family section up to date for publication in the the new book. Thanks…

    • Bev Tucker:

      Hi, I am trying to find out some information on a Jenny Davis Roush. She was born in Columbus, Ohio.
      I think she would be around 83.
      I was adopted > She was my mother. She had me at 27 and the Salvation Army Booth Hospital in Chicago.
      It said that she only lived there for 1 1/2 months. At some time she lived in Indpls, In. That’s where I live now.
      I have had a good life. but always wanted to know more. I don’t know if she is still alive or not.
      My birth certificate said she has had 3 children before me. I was born in Jan. 1957. One is alive and 2 are dead.
      I am 56 now.

      Can you help me., with any information I would appreciate it. Thanks, Bev

      • Bev Tucker:

        HI, I am trying to find out some information on a jenny davis Roush. She was born in Columbus , ohio.
        She put me up for adoption when I was born.. My adopted parents got me when I was 9 months old.
        I would love to fin out more on the family.

        I may drive to Columbus, ohio and start my search.


      • Bev Tucker:

        I cannot give out my maiden name,. I am protecting my adoption parents. I don’t want any trouble please.

        Thank you


    • Keith D. Ashley, National Roush Family historian:

      I am finding no one living of that name and age. Nor am I finding anyone dead of that name or age. Could Jennie have
      been a nickname? Often, it is a nickname for Virginia.

      Keith D. Ashley, National Historian Roush Family in America

  • Marcus Schneider:

    Dear Rausch or Roush families in America!
    Greetings from one of the German descendands of the Rauschs. Surfing the internet I just came across your side and found out, that I am related to all of you too. My great-greatgrandmother Elisabeth Schneider, née Rausch (1857 – 1944) was a descendant of Johann Abraham Rausch and Maria Margreth Faber through their son Hans Wilhelm Rausch, married to Anna Margaretha Jost, who stayed in Baumholder, the city, where Johann Abraham was a minister for 54 years.

    A great side! Keep on like this!

    Greatings from germany:-)


    • richard roush:

      Johann Abraham Rausch, born March 9, 1640, died November 1714. Born in Meisenheim Germany in exile. his father died during the 30 years war when Johann A. was 4 years old. He, his two sisters and mother Anna nee Hammerin wnet to Hornbach, afterwards moved to Zweibrucken. Later spring of 1657 attended University of Basel. After Basel he stayed with stepfather Bartel Goering. In June 1660 after returning to Zweibrucken he became pastor July 2.I have more on him but that is basic outline. He married Maria Margaretha Faber 1660 in Birkenfeld, Germany. She was born in 1673, daughter of Johann Nikolas faber. Johann Abraham was son of Johann Wilhelm Rausch was born 1595 in Hornbach,Duchy of Zweibrucken, died 1644 in Ober Moschel Nahe, married Anna Hammerin daughter of Johannes Hammer. Johann Wilhelm was son of Johann Sebastian Rausch. born abt 1570 Palatinate or perhaps Switzerland. Died 1644 in Palatinate, Minister, Superintendent over Palatinate District Protestant churches. Johann Sebastian was son of Bernhard Rausch, born abt 1550, Palatinate or perhaps switzerland. fathers name is Jacob but no other info. hope this helps you. Have more info on Johann Abraham.i am descended from Johann Abraham through Johann Nicholas to Johann adam who came to America. i just noticed you live in Germany, so undoubtedly you know all this. Is this what you have? Greetings to my german cousin. Guten Tag!

      • Marcus Schneider:

        Hi Richard, thanks for your response! some of the information I had, but not all, I did not know more than Johann Abaraham Rausch was the son of Johann Wilhelm Rausch and Anna Hammer, you added some great new information! Thank you very much!
        I live in Germany, yes, in Munich, but my father´s family came from Baumholder, where Johann Abraham was a minister.
        Greetings to all my American cousins!

        • richard roush:

          greetings Marcus. sorry I have taken so long to answer. Through my searching and researching I have found through the Abney branch of my family I am directly related to a lot of European royalty, including Henry the fowler. I traced one branch of my family through the Abneys to a king in finland BC. It has been an awesome journey into the past. I found the Rausches of Baumholder originally came from the mountains of Switzerland. Have a good life!

          • Marcus Schneider:

            Hi Richard, this is quite an information! Where from Switzerland? The eldest known ancestor is Johann Bernhard Rausch as far as I know, did he come from Switzerland? Another part of my Baumholder ancestors originally came from Switzerland too, the family of Jakob Mottweiler came from Graubünden in Switzerland in the early 18th century.
            What great news! Greetings.

          • richard roush:

            I am sorry Marcus for taking so long to answer you. I have been busy and neglected to check the Roush site before now. I looked through my papers looking for the Rausch line and have misplaced it. when I find it I will get back with you. Please excuse.
            Thanks my Munich cousin for being patient with me.

    • Robyn Shafer:

      Marcus, we are related. I am also related to Johann Abraham and Maria. I recently found this site. I enjoy genealogy very much. It’s like solving a mystery!

  • Mary Ann Frear:

    I have two old pictures, found in an old trunk. One is of Mr. and Mrs. W.P. Roush and the other is T. A. and Sibyl Roush. My husband’s grandmother is from the Gallia County, Ohio area and we were wondering if they were friends of hers. They appear to be from the turn of the century.

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