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June 6th, 2016

The 88th Roush/Rausch Reunion will be held in Shenandoah Cavers near Mt. Jackson, VA , August 5th and 6th 2016. We are celebrating the 305 Birthday of John Adam Rausch.

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  • Elizabeth Keach:


    I am trying to find out more about my grandfather’s father – Jacob Roush (b. ~1896). He may or may not have been married to Verna J Thompson (my grandfather’s mother, born in Gallia, Ohio) and we believe he was full blooded Cherokee Indian. Ancestry has a limited Ohio online database, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for your help!

  • Barry Lewis:

    For some reason my post sat awaiting moderation for over a week and then disappeared so, I’ll try again. I’m a decendent of Henry Roush (1752-1831), Elizabeth Roush (Deeds) (1783-1875), Hannah Margaret Deeds (1816-1898), Andrew Jackson Hines (1846-1925), William Alexander Hines (1882-1970), Betty Sarah ” Ruby Rhue “(Hines ) Lewis (1933- ) to me, Barry L. Lewis (1956- ) Also, another line Henry Roush, Elizabeth Roush (Deeds), Isabel Deeds, Rhuehama Deeds, Mary Martha Ann (McDannald) Hines, Betty Sarah “Rubt Rheu” (Hines) Lewis to me. All that being said, my question is does anyone know if the “Sons of the American Revolution” still accepts the volumes of “The Roaush Family in America” as proofs of lineage? I am interested in becoming a member and am extremely proud of my heritage.

    Thank you for any assistance you can provide!

    Barry Lewis

  • Barry Lewis:

    Pardon me. I skipped a generation; Henry Roush 1752-1831, Elizabeth Roush (Deeds) 1783-1875, Hannah Maragret Deeds 1816-1898, Andrew Jackson Hines 1846-1925, William Alexander (Alec) Hines 1882-1970, Betty Sarah (Ruby) Rhue Hines 1933- to me.

    Barry Lewis

  • Barry Lewis:

    Hello All;
    I’m a decendent of Henry Roush 1752-1831, Elizabeth Roush (Deeds) 1783-1875, Hannah margaret Deeds (Hines) 1816-1898,
    Andrew Jackson Hines 1846-1925, Betty Sarah Ruby Rhue Hines (Lewis) 1933- to me. Also, a similar line from Hannah’s sister, Isabel 182i-1909, Rhuehama Deeds (McDannald) 1854-1925, Mary Martha Ann McDannald (Hines) 1892-1976, Betty Sarah Ruby Rhue Hines (Lewis) 1933-, to me. My questions are; Which volume(s) of ” The Roush Family in America” would have this lineage listed? And, does anyone know if the Sons Of The Amereican Revolutionary still honors these publications as proofs of lineage? This journey back through history has been amazing! Thanks for any help anyone can provide. It is a pleasure to have yall in the family. Sincerely, Barry Lewis

    • jerry:

      Hi Barry
      I’m trying to find for sure who Elizabeth Roush that married John George Deeds father was.Some say Henry isn’t right.Can you clear this up.
      Thanks Jerry

  • Larry Lewis Roush:

    Dad was Henry Donald Roush b.mar 6,1896 d. mar 16, 1949
    Mom was Jane Montgomery b jan 10, 1898 d. Jul 5, 1980
    Sons Donald Dwain Roush d. 2005
    Jack Lynn Roush d. 1990
    Jerry Roush d. 1997

    Larry Lewis Roush b, Jul 4, 1936
    Which book should I buy? Thanks, lar

  • Jenn Merry:

    I was trying to look at this site and it keeps asking me to input a user name and password in order to click on any of the links. How do I get to be affiliated with the Roush Family Association? I am a descendant of Catherine Roush, who married George Zirkle. Thanks for your help, would love to be able to view the site!

    • Jenn Merry:

      OK so now that I commented, I can get in. LOL Sorry!! Anyone else here descended from Catherine and George? :)

    • Karen Capehart:

      My husband is also a descendant of Catherine Roush and George Zirkle

      • Hi Karen!
        I am from George and Catherine’s daughter Sarah Zirkle, who married Solomon Shaffer. Then it gets all convoluted because that Shaffer line intersects again later. My tree looks more like a bush. LOL Anyway, Solomon and Sarah’s daughter Lydia married Noah Zirkle (her cousin). They are a sort of brick wall – am trying to find their burials. Would love it if your husband and I were the same line!


    • Bev Tucker:

      Hi, I am trying to find out some information on Jenny Davis Roush.

      I was adopted and she was my mother.
      I know she was born in Columbus , ohio.
      I live in Indiana, She lived here at some time..
      I am 56 years old now.



  • Leanne Roush-Tuttle:

    Hi, I’m looking for information on my grandfather. I’ve found the following information online but I don’t know if it’s accurate. I am certain of his name, that had ties to Canada and Montana and that he served in Panama.

    Ernest Leroy Roush
    B. 1917 or 1919 in Canada
    Lived at some point in Linn County Kansas
    Enlisted in the Army at Fr. Missoula, MT in 1941
    Served in Panama
    D. June 1968 and is buried in the Los Angeles National Cemetery

  • Elva Jean Roush Robinson:

    I am descended from Johan Adam Rausch-Captain George Rausch-John[Blackbird[ Roush .m.Hannah daughter of Jacob Roush John,s first cousin-Abel Roush-William J.Roush-Edward[Edgar) Roush. I am now 90 yrs old but of sound mind and knew many members of my family living in Eastern Ohio and the Columbus area.

  • Sheryle (Roush) Kludt:

    My mother has a set of the books and it ends with my grandfather being born. How do I go about getting all of the information updated. I only have one uncle left…and he is in poor health, so if I want to get this done I had better get started on it right away. There are 4 generations that are from South Dakotal. Please help me contact who ever I need to for the information.
    Sheryle (Roush) Kludt, Pierre, SD
    granddaughter of Thomas Roush, Zanesville, OH

  • Georgiann Roush:

    I am looking for information on my great great grandfather.

    Albert Roush, born about1837 in Adams Co. Ohio. Found on the 1860 census in Clermont Co., Ohio, as Albert Rouse, with his wife Frances and daughter Sarah. Found on the 1870 Census in Kenton Co, KY, as Albert Rouse with wife Frances and children Sarah and James Charles (my great grandfather). Served in the 35th Indiana Infantry in the Civil War, mustered in as Albert Roush. Back in Adams Co., on the 1880 Census, with his second wife Sarah and the following children, James Charles, John Henry, Mary Ann, Minerva Frances (these children were all born before the death of Albert’s first wife, Frances Dowdy on 9 May 1876) (He then married Sarah Shields on 17 Apr 1877 and had the following childen, Thomas Harrison, Francis E., and Robert Edward) Thomas, and Francis was on the 1880 Census with Albert and Sarah.

    Albert passed away on 6 Mar 1884 in Maysville, Mason Co. KY. According to his Civil War Service Records he was 5’2 1/2 ” tall with light hair and blue eyes. He was age 26 and born in Adams Co, OH.

    We have the file from when Sarah tried to get Albert’s Civil War pension. It gave us the information on his death and confirmed both wives names and Frances’ death date and place.

    The information I need is his parents….Any help is appreciated.

  • Dawn Gebase:

    I just found this site. I’m researching my greatx3 grandfather Augustus Cloud (b 1832) and my grandmother Anna Roush (b 1836 Highland City, OH), who was the daughter of Michael Roush (b abt 1812) and Susannah Shaffer. I don’t have any information on Anna’s parents, or any farther back, although I did see another tree on ancestry.com that said Michael’s father was John B. and grandfather was Philip (Rev War). I don’t know how accurate this is, but they mention the Roush Family in America book and I imagine that Anna is part of this Roush family site. Any information would be helpful.
    Thank you.

  • dalena prentice:

    Arlene Roush died in 2008 in arizona. Joe Smith was indian from arizona his parents were adjna harris smith and father harris smith. I can find her death ss record but nothing else.

  • Kristen DIaz:

    I’m looking to find some family history on my Great-Grandmother Gertrude Rausch Rinke. She was married to Josephy Roy Rinke. They lived most of their married life in and around Medicine Lodge, KS. Within the last 4 months 3 of her younger children (my great aunt & uncles) have passed away. There are 3 children that are still living. No one seems to know much. I would like to be able to let them know where they came from. Any information that may help would be great. I’m also looking at purchasing the books if this line of my family fits.

  • kris diehl:

    Does anyone have any information on Nancy Rousch? Her father was John Rousch and grandfather Michael Rousch .She would be my gr gr grandmother maried to Nathan Sayre. He was Union Soldier in the 140th OVI company C. They were from Letart Falls, OH

    • Keith D. Ashley, National Roush Family historian:

      Vol. 1, p. 350 of the ROUSH FAMILY IN AMERICA lists Nancy M. ROUSH as the fourth daughter of John and Hetta (HAYMAN) ROUSH b. 15 Aug 18345; m. 15 May 1870 to Nathan M; SAYRE, who was born April 24, 1843 and died 05 April 1901. He was in Co. C, 140th Ohio Volunteer Infantry (which served from May to September, 1864).Nancy was still living when the book was compiled. Are you aware that there is a fairly new 5-volume set of history on the SAYRE family as I, too,am a SAYRE descendant. I have also worked on the HAYMAN family though I am not connected.

      Keith D. Ashley, National Historian
      Roush and Allied families in America

  • I just found that I will be able to attend the annual reunion next weekend. I didn’t see a specific email to which I could send and RSVP. Is it okay if I pay in person on Friday? I will attend the Friday evening and Saturday morning gatherings….. My cell is 414 403-5553. Thanks.


  • Lorna Dunklee:

    My niece-by-marriage has an ancestor, Nicholas Rausch,, from Darmstadt, Hesse, Germany, who came to New York in 1866, age 40, along with his wife Maria, 38, and numerous children: Johann, 16; Nicolaus, 15; David, 10; Catharina, 8; Conrad, 7; Friedrich, 6; Carl, 5 and Jacob, 2. They arrived in New York on 16 May 1866, on the ship “Johanna” and their place of origin was given as Pfeddersheim, Hesse-Darmstadt, having sailed from Bremen, Germany. The son, Jacob Rausch, is the child from whom my niece also descends. They lived in Brooklyn, New York and the only federal census I can find them on is the 1880 which lists Nicholas, 54, a “button hole maker”; Maria, 53; Charley 18; and Jakey, 16 . I’d appreciate any info that you might have to help me follow through on this family. Thanks so much…Lorna

  • Connie Roush:

    Richard. Update on Quillen connection. Thank you Rchard for all of your posts and replies. You seem to be the resident go-to source. My family has the 1928 edition of the Roush Book and I was able to find the definitive link to the Quillens. My great grandfather William P. married Sadie (Sarah) who died and he then married her sister Anne (Annie) My line, starting with my father John E. Roush, John A. Roush, William P. Roush, Levi Roush, John Roush, Jonas Roush and originally John A. Rausch.
    It’s been a fun journey. Wish I could find this much info on my mother’s side.


    • richard roush:

      Hey, Connie, glad I was some help. Sadie and Sarah Quillen are my grandmother’s sisters, eleven girls. My grandmother died 3 years before I was born but I got to meet Aunt Hattie Yeager in Ripley, WV and Aunt Annie Roush and Aunt Birdie Rickard in New Haven WV. The house in New Haven was great grandpa Quillen’s home and was turned over to the town of New Haven and became a pulbic library which grandpa Alexander would be well pleased. My dad and his sisters used to tell me about visit’s to grandpa’s house. He sit at the end of the long breakfast/supper table with a bible stand next to his seat. Before anyone ate, he read some scripture and then prayed. I have a picture of he and my great grandmother Eliza Capehart Quillen standing in from of it. The Quillens are originally MacQuillen from the old Gaelic MacUighlan, living on both sides of the waters, Scotland and Ireland. A MacQuillen chief brought some of his Irish warriors across to Scotland to help Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland, fight the armies of the Edwards 1 and 2, Kings of England. What was your mother’s maiden name? have a great day and please ask for any help with your lines and I would be very honoured to oblige what help I can give. As the MacLeods say, Hold fast!!!

      • Connie Roush:

        Richard, looks like we’re related on the Quillen side, and if we go back far enough on the Roush side as well. If there is any way you can attach a photo? If so, I would love to have a copy of the Alexander/Eliza pic. My mother’s mother was Magnolia Bromley (nee Farmer) born in 1874, died (murdered at her rooming house) July 1919 in Pueblo Colo. I think her mother was Elisabeth Farmer but that’s where I dead end on that branch. Any Ideas would be appreciaed.

        Thanks, Connie

        • richard roush:

          Hey connie, have you tried typing in Farmer genealogy or Bromley genealogy. It might work. I don;t know how to send pictures through the computer. I can get one of my family to do it, I will.

  • I’m very happy there doing the 5th volume,,,I’ve got my2 lines almost finished.. Is there going to be photos included? I also have some tombstone pictures.


  • judy hulse:

    I have just recently found out I am related to the raush or roush family . Myl line comes from Mary Magdalene Roush Zirkle the daughter of John Adams roush and Susannah Schler. then her daughter Eve zirkle Roller. her daughter Eleanor Roller Forgey her son John A. Forgey his daughter Ellen Forgey Shelton her son Albert Ross Shelton then my dad Roy Ross Shelton.This has been very interesting to find out about people I didn’t know about Before I started checking things out on the internet I just knew the generations back to Ellen Forgey Shelton my great grandmother.I know my first cousins will like to find out all this information when we have a family reunion the 30th of June in springfield Mo. where most of us live. Judy Shelton Hulse

  • Deborah Roush-Surber:

    Hi everybody. My cousin Carol Rowland (posted here) and myself are trying to track back our lineage of the Roush’s.
    We first thought we were part of the John Adam’s side but ran into a block when we found there were several Jacob’s
    born around that same time. We have come to believe that our line must come from a brother of John Adam who
    probably came over around the same time, settled in PA and then moved on Westward into IN. Does anyone have the names of John Adam’s brothers? We have a John Roush born 1778-1852 who had a son Isaac (1813-1896) that we believe were both born in PA and both are buried in Gas City, IN (Grant Co.). I believe this John’s father was possibly a son of Jacob T. Rausch. Our family tree is all over IN from Gary, Gas City, Marion and current generations residing in Indianapolis. Can anyone help us fill in the remaining blanks? This side of the Roush family sure is a mystery! lol Thank you for any help you can give us cousins!

    Charles F. Roush (my dad)
    John F. Roush (grandfather)
    Omer Roush (g. ” )
    Pvt. John F. Roush (2g. ” )
    Isaac Roush (3g. ” )
    John Roush (4g ” )

    Deborah C. Surber-Roush

    • William H. Roush Jr.:

      Deborah, my father was William H. Roush son of Guy and Jessie (Macy) Roush. Guy and Grace Roush were the children of George H. and Laura (Sanders) Roush. George H. was one of eleven children of Issac and Mary (Miller) Roush. Issac was one of eight children of John and Mary (McCaman) Rausch. (According to my great-great uncle, Ode T. Roush brother of George H.Roush, John and Mary Rausch “modernized” their sir name sometime after their marriage, while still living in PA,, and before their children were born as all their children were named Roush.). John Rausch was the son of Jacob and Margaret (Dekevin) Rausch. All this linage is listed in Vol II of the Roush Family in America, Chaper III, pages 167 thru 170. You are correct as to the location of this branch of the family having moved from Berk’s County, PA to Indiana. I was born in M arion Indiana, many of our family lived in Jonesboro, and most are burried in the “Riverside, IOOF, etc. Cemerties in Gas City, Indiana. I currently live in Grand Island, NE, and am in the process of trying to accurately document my family linage form my grandfather, Guy R. Roush, who nis the last documented direct Roush relative in The Roush Family of America. Hope this helps in some way. I hope to be able to get this information totally updated and submitted before the deadline for the new Vol V is published in 2013.

      • Carol Rowland:

        Hi WH! I am Deborah’s cousin. My mother was her father’s sister. Do you have any info on Margaret Dekevin? I have the Volume of which you speak. I have a photo marked Uncle Ben Saunders and wondered if the connection was Laura Sanders & George H. Can you help?

    • William H. Roush Jr.:

      Deborah, According to The Roush Family in America, Vol II, Chapter III, page 169, your grandfather, John F. Roush was the brother of George H. Roush, my great grandfather.

    • Bev Tucker:

      Hi, I am trying to find some information on a jenny davis Raush. I was adopted when I was 9 months old.I just recently found out her name. My name at birth was Alicia Ann Raush. My biological mother was born in Columbus , ohio.
      she was 27 years old when she had me. I was born at a Salvation Army Booth hospital in Chicago, Illinois. At sometime
      she lived in Indpls, Indiana, a welfare dept. came inand took me away from here. That’;s all I know.
      I don’t know if she moved back to ohio or not.
      I would appreciate any help.

      Thanks Very much.


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