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June 6th, 2016

The 88th Roush/Rausch Reunion will be held in Shenandoah Cavers near Mt. Jackson, VA , August 5th and 6th 2016. We are celebrating the 305 Birthday of John Adam Rausch.

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  • Cheryl:

    Met a cousin for the first time on Memorial Day, 2012. She sent me this website which is mind boggling! Wow!! I am from Sarah Roush who married Levi Hayes.

    Looking forward to seeing documentations AND pictures of my Rausch/Roush line. Usually when I ask someone for this information, its the last time I hear from them.

    I was thrilled to learn about my Roush’s were in the military. I would love to have this information!

    Thank you for this great website!


  • Mia Fineman:

    Hello, I’m an art historian looking for life dates for the artist and illustrator L. L. Roush. My email is mia.fineman@metmuseum.org. Many thanks! Mia

  • richard roush:

    reply to Mike Hoag, April 25, 2012. For various reasons I haven’t been on this site for weeks. Please accept my apologies. I researched the Abney family and its allied familes back to Yngvi Frey of Sweden 193-214. The Abneys directly had some illustrious members of the family of which I am a direct descendant. I am directly descended to the House of Wessex, to the various ruling Houses of England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Normandy, France, Brittany, Louvain, and various houses in Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Norway. I appreciate all my ancestry whether it is from the rulers of Liege or the fief in the Swiss Canton. I haen’t much on the Taylor branch but vast and extensive research on the Abney. You might begin with William d’Aubigney, born ca 1064, Aubigny-sur Nere, Centre, france. Died 1139 Buckenham Wayland Parish, Norfolk, England. Remember this, Two Bigod sisters maried two d’Aubigney cousins. Cecily Bigod married William ‘Brito’ d’Aubigney, Maud Bigod married William “Pincerna” d’Aubigney. Pincerna is my d’Aubigney. If need more info, let me know. Keep in touch.

  • Hello Roush Family,

    I am interested in the family gathering this year and would love more

    I would also like to know how to update my family line in the books as


    Mark Allen Spears
    Huntington, WV

    Here is how I am connected:

    George Roush (1761 – 1845)
    is your 5th great grandfather

    Samuel P Roush (1795 – 1876)
    Son of George

    Hannah Roush (1827 – 1920)
    Daughter of Samuel P

    George Brinton McClellan Hart (1861 – 1925)
    Son of Hannah

    Emma Lilly Hart (1891 – 1974)
    Daughter of George Brinton McClellan

    Raymond Lee Spears (1919 – 2004)
    Son of Emma Lilly

    Daniel Edwin Spears (1944 – 2009)
    Son of Raymond Lee

    Mark Allen Spears
    You are the son of Daniel Edwin

  • Carol Rowland:

    Has the Jonesboro Roush line ever been completed in one of the books? I have the first volume and it has a partial line for William. Do you have the rest of us? I am trying to go back from John F Roush 8/27/1899-1977 to Omer Roush his father and further if I could get some help. I think John Roush married to Catherine Parks is next but whose son is he? Isaac? then another John up to Jacob and then John Adam? Let me know if this could be solved by buying a book. There are just too many John Roush’s. Thanks!

  • Mark Keyser:

    I posted my question on the wrong page–I am asking about George Casper Roush of Pennsylvania–see comments under obituaries–sorry for being stupid about navigating your site.

  • Ida Gifford:

    My husband’s line into the Rausch family comes with Eleanor Rausch Waddell b. 1752 in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia to Susannah Sehler and John Adam Rausch. I have a skeleton line back from John Adam Rausch to his fa Johan Nicholas to his fa Johan Abraham to his father Johann Wilhelm to Johan Sebastian to Bernhardt to Jacob b. 1525. This is a fascinating family and I am learning a lot about their lives via the research others have performed. Many thanks – let me know if this skeleton is inaccurate.

    • richard roush:

      Yes, Ida Gifford, your information is correct. I am descended from Johann and Susannah through their son, George. They all led interesting lives and i am particularly fascinated by Johann Abraham’s. One interesting branch of mine is the Abneys, which as far as I know you are not descended. Have you researched the Waddells? One branch i researched took me back to the 1304 and I thought that was great which it is. Another branch I later researched took me back to the first century. It is fascinating to me researching these people. Have a great day.

      • Ona:

        Which line of the Waddell’s did you research back to 1304? The Waddell’s are my family link thru Eleanor marrying Alexander Waddell. Fascinating family history!!

        • richard roush:

          I am very sorry, Ona, for the way I wrote the sentences. It wasn’t the Waddells I researched to 1304. It was another branch. Actually I have traced one branch through the Abneys back to 160AD. I am not descended through the Rausch/Waddell line. I am descended through the Johann Adam/George/ Samuel/George Wesley/Charles Wilbur/John Marion Roush line. After rereading the post of mine it indeed sounds like the Waddell branch went back to 1304 but it was another brach through the abneys who were d’Aubigneys in England and France. Have a wonderful Memorial Day!!!



    • Keith Ashley:

      I just had a contact from a person searching for informatino on L. L. Roush. I didn’t know the line so I did a quick research of it and located your name and address. That person should be contacting you. It would be nice if you can do a short story of L. L. Roush for the upcoming Volume 5. Keith D. Ashley PH: 740-992-7874

  • Cathy Rouse:

    Does anyone know who Johannes Adam Raush, who was born in 1711 or 1709 In Darmstadt, Germany, married and was consequently the mother of Paulser Rouse born in 1738.

    • richard roush:

      Johannes Adam Rausch is my great great great great granddad, born in 1711 in Darmstadt, Hesse, Germany, came to America in 1738, landing at Philadelphia, married Susannah Sehler at Red Hill, Pa., moved to Shenandoah Valley, Va in 1754, had at least 9 sons and three daughters. He and Susannah are buried at Forestville, Va near New Market. Paulser Rouse is unknown to me. He had one son, Balser, who reportedly lived awhile in the Damascus Va area where some descendants live today. It,s near Bristol, Va-Tn. Some say he had a brother Mark who went to Greene County Tn near their sister, Elisabetha Rausch Nehs, matriarch of the Nease clan of Tennesse and Indiana. One thing must be taken into account in tracing families, especially German and Scottish. The English hearing ears had a difficult time interpreting the Germanic-Celtic sounds. The German Weitzel, during a census, sounded like Whitesell to the English listeners. That is how Rausch became Roush. The closest the English speakers could get the Scottish pronuciation of Finley became Philip. The German or rather Prussian pronunciation of Balser would sound Paulser to the Englishers. Who exactly are you referring to being the mother of Paulser Rouse born in 1738?

      • Barbara Rausch:

        I got married into the Rausch a family and have been able to get alot of the family. I do have the John Adam Rausch line so a point. I can get more thourgh because we tie togerther. He married the Susannah above. They had 8 children. His fathers name was John Nicholas Rausch. I have it but need to find hwere I put it. I am also tiring us in with another rausch from Illinois. I will get to you later. Write and let me know what you need.

    • Barbara Rausch:

      I just done some on a list below for a Richard and you will be tied in with him./ I will show more tomorrow. I am Barbara Rausch married into the family in 1978. I live in Utah and have access to alot plus I fo to starware.com alot and get alot of information. Just typew in the name and you will find alot about the rausch’s. Let me know what you need. Barbara Rausch Utah

    • Jim Vay Rouse:

      Cathy: What part of the world are you in? There are a lot of Rouse in south Texas, my great grandfather, Richard A Rouse brought his 7 sons and couple of daughters from Arkansas to near Corpus Christi in 1912. I’m now in Colorado, but lots of kin still there near Corpus.

  • Edward A. Roush:

    I just now located this website and noted that the names Sarah Roush and Alexander Quillen mentioned by Richard Roush are familiar to me and my sister, Connie. Connie recalls corresponding with Sarah many years ago and we had a great grandfather Quillen. I wonder if Richard may be a cousin of mine if he was born in Pueblo, Colorado. I am the son of John Edward Roush and Frances Marie (Downs) Roush, and my younger sister’s name is Constance (Connie) Roush. We were all born in Pueblo, Colorado. My Dad’s brother was William (Bill) T. Roush, also of Pueblo. Bill and his wife Dronnie had three sons, Thomas, David and Richard, and one daughter Marilyn Kaye. John and Bill had a sister named Ruth Roush who married Patrick Kelly. They had 2 daughters; Patricia and Kathleen. We have an older copy of the Roush Book and have found some of our family therein. Thanks for reading this.

    • richard roush:

      It is possible we are kin from away back. My grandmother ‘s father was Alexander Conroy Quillen, born in Jefferson County, Ohio. in 1830. His parents are Amos Quillen and Jane Webster from Maryland., born 1789 and 1799, repectively. His father is Clement Quillen . We believe they are descended from Teague Quillen who was born, 1615, County Kilkenny, Ireland. The Quillens then spelling it Quillane moved onto the Delmarva, first in Northampton County, Virginia, then into Somerset County, Maryland around Pocomoke, eventually across the old National Road to Fort Pitt into the Ohio valley. My grandmother Quillen married a Roush, living in the New Haven WVA area. The Quillens hold an annual reunion at Newcomerstown, Ohio. actually two, the other being near Gate City, Virginia. Tradition has it there were 3 Quillane(Quillen) brothers came to America. There was an Irish Quillen who brought troops to Scotland to help Robert the Bruce fight Edward the second in the early 1300s. I am a descendant maternally from the Clan MacNeacil and Clan MacLeod from the Isle of Skye, being a member of both clans. I know some of the Ohio Valley familes moved further West in the early days. I am not the Richard Roush born in Pueblo, Colorado. Have a good day.

      • Connie Roush:

        Hi Richard, thanks for the information on the Quillen family. There is a lot available on the Roush side of our family but I kept hitting dead-ends on the Quillens. My great grandmother was also a daughter of Alexander Quillan not sure of the spelling)(1822-1926) from New Haven W. Virginia. I actually have a muzzle loader shotgun and a mirror of theirs acquired by my father in 1930. Do you know if there is a family website for the Quillans? Also, my grandfather was a cousin to the Sarah Roush mentioned in some of the posts.

        • richard roush:

          Hey Connie. Sorry I haven’t gotten back sooner but I have been on a sabbatical from all internet. Now I am on a partial sabbatical. There is a Quillen website. One can get on it by typing in Quillen and hit the button. There are two annual Quillen reunions, one in Gate City, Virginia, the other in Newcomerstown, Ohio. I haven’t attended either but am going to try. Grandpa Alexander used the en ending but some in his family used the in. I will be quicker in my responses as I will check this site daily. Alexander Conroy Quillen, born March 8, 1830, New Alexandria, Ohio, Died May 15, 1928, New Haven, WVA. Married Eliza Matilda Capehart,, born Oct. 10, 1836, died August 4, 1894, New Haven, WVA. Grandpa’s parents, Amos Quillen and Jane Webster, both born in Md. I have the dates if you want them. Grandma Quillen’s parents are Henry Capehart, born 1800, died Oct. 10, 1881, Mary Marie Hogg, Gebohren. August 20, 1811. Shenandoah County VA, died March 9, 1895, New Haven, WV. We are descended from Captain Peter Hogg, Scottish pronounciation Hogue or Hoag, of Edinburgh. He is cousin to Thomas Hogg, the Ettrick Shepherd. Captain Peter was Captain under Colonel George Washington during the war of 1754 against the French and Colonel under general Washington during the Revolutionary war. Through the VA Hoggs we are kin to the Abneys and Taylors of VA. I have beaucoup info on all these families if you so desire. I traced one of my ancestors through me dad to 1304, thought I was going back to the times of Robert the Bruce but it deadended. Have a guid day.

          • Hello Richard, I am a descendant of Capt. Peter Hogg. I’m really interested in the Taylor and Abney families. I cannot find anything for Capt. Peter Hogg’s wife, Elizabeth Taylor b 1730 Augusta, Virginia.
            Any information would be much appreciated.

            Best Regards.

            line VA1745: descendants of James Hogg of Edinburgh Scotland — James Hogg of Scotland, b.1680, was father of James Hogg, Thomas Hogg, and Capt. Peter Hogg who came to Augusta Co. VA in 1745. Capt. Peter Hogg served with Washington in the French and Indian War.
            minimal pedigree of DNA donor in this line:

            1 James Hogg b.1680, Edinburgh, Scotland, d.1760, Edinburgh, Scotland
            2 Thomas Hogg of Augusta Co. VA, came to Virginia in 1745
            . 3 Thomas Hogg b.1730-1755, d.1831
            . 4 James Hogg Sr. b.1777, Virginia, d.18_Feb_1861
            . 5 Kelly Hogg b.1820, Kentucky, d.1903
            . . 6 Hiram Wesley Hogg b.1840, Kentucky, d.1863
            . . . 7 Kelly Hogg b.1861, d.1937
            . . . 8 George Hogg Sr. b.1892, d.1965
            . . . 9 George Hogg Jr. b.1923, d.1989
            . . . 10 Project ID VA1745a: desc of Thomas Hogg, b.1755, Virginia #1
            . . 6 Stephen Hogg b.1845, Kentucky, d.1923
            . . 7 Burnett Hogg b.1898, d.1971
            . . 8 Living Hogg
            . . 9 Project ID VA1745c: desc of Thomas Hogg, b.1755, Virginia #3
            . 5 James Hogg Jr. b.8_May_1825, Kentucky, d.9_Jan_1901
            . 6 James W. Hogge b.23_Dec_1846, Letcher Co. KY d.22_Feb_1922, Omaha NE
            . 7 Green S. Hogge b.5_Jul_1871, Letcher Co. KY 20_May_1921, Nebraska
            . 8 Virgil C. Hogg b.8_Nov_1898, Falls City NE d.29_Aug_1953, Echo Co. OR
            . 9 Project ID VA1745b: desc of Thomas Hogg, b.1755, Virginia #2
            2 Capt. Peter Hogg b.1719, Edinburgh, Scotland d.20_Apr_1782, Augusta Co. VA
            3 Peter Earl Hogg Sr. b.1773, Augusta Co. VA d.2_Sep_1823, W. Columbia VA
            4 Peter Earl Hogg Jr. b.1817, Virginia
            5 Henry H. Hogg b.1837, Virginia
            6 Charles R. Hogg b.Sep_1871, West Virginia
            7 Paris Hogg Sr. b.6_Mar_1900, Kentucky d.11_Jul_1964, Dallas Co. TX
            8 Paris Hogg/Hoag b.2_Feb_1929 d.28_Sep_2006, Minniapolis MN
            9 Project ID VA1745d: desc of Capt. Peter Hogg, b.1719, Scotland

  • Connie Roush:

    Hi, here’s another Roush, this one is from Colorado. My grandfather John A. Roush’s mother was a Quillen. Small world since we got the internet, isn’t it?

  • Jean Caldwell Adams:

    This is for Rachel Bryan

    I believe your ancestor, PHILLIP, is buried in the same ROUSH Cemetery, back of town in Cheshire, Ohio, Gallia County.
    My ancestor, JACOB ROUSH, is buried there as well. Both participated in the Revolutionary War. I know JACOB was in the battle of Point Plesant, WV. I am not sure just which Battle or Battles PHILLIP was in. I have been to that cemetery. They were foresighted enough to place the cemetery high enough up, so when the Ohio River flooded, the graves would not be affected. Hope this helps you some. I recommend getting the ROUSH genealogy books. They have so much information in them making them very helpful to develop your line.

    Hope this helps you!
    Jean Caldwell Adams

  • Jean Caldwell Adams:

    I go to JACOB ROUSH of Cheshire, Gallia County, Ohio, whose daughter, CATHERINE ROUSH, married PETER LALLANCE of Marietta, Washington Co., Ohio. The line goes 2 ways, one through JOHN B. LALLANCE and CHARLOTTE CAROLINE SCHREINER LALLANCE, back to PETER LALLANCE. JOHN B.’s Father was PETER LALLANCE & MARGARET BOGGESS, back to PETER LALLANCE. My maternal Grandmother, (CHARLOTTE) MARGARET/MAGGIE LALLANCE McCOY/CALDWELL (married 2 times),. My Father, EUGENE CALDWELL, should have been a LALLANCE, his real Father was THEODORE PETER LALLANCE, son of JOHN B. and MARGARET/MAGGIE LALLANCE CALDWELL. MARGARET/MAGGIE’s real Father was DR. JACOB LALLANCE born about 1836 and last lived in Cottageville, Jackson Co., WV, died there in 1893. MAGGIE’s Mother was a SUSAN REED born 1845 Meigs County, Ohio Middleport. DR. JACOB married SUSAN COUFFER in 1867, not SUSAN REED. I believe SUSAN REED may have died in childbirth with Maggie December 239, 1864 rather than the 1872 when she says she was born. Grandmother MAGGIE CALDWELL provided much of the LALLANCE line to the first Vol. I of the ROUSH Genealogy book, our line is described on page 302 and 303 in that book.

    Desire to get connected with anyone related to this line! Thanks organizers who helped provide this medium where we can leave messages, connect, and may be able to help others in the line who have knowledge of their ancestor. I LOVE everthing GERMAN. I make a mean German Red Cabbage I am told! Guess it comes from my ROUSH genes!

    • Keith D. Ashley, Roush historian:

      I have been compiling the LALLANCE family for the upcoming Volume 5.
      I would be glad to share. Contact me at: 34465 Crew Road, Pomeroy,
      OH 45769 or PH: 740-992-7874 (afternoon and evening to 11 p.m.)

  • Cathy Vest:

    Enjoyed your site. We have just recently found that we have RAUSCH in our family background. For years we looked for ROTHE with no luck. We had a ggg grandmother who m. John Gunkel in Holt Co. Mo. Aug. 14, 1970. Then we were not able to trace her back further. Then we recently found her family in Illinois using the spelling Rausch. Looking for connections to Val/Valentine Rausch, Elizabeth wife, Daughter Mary Sebelia Rausch Gunkel. Mary b. 1855 in Germany Emig. to America 1857( census) record. Mary and John Gunkel ended up in Tex/ Oklahoma where Mary died in childbirth in 1901. Other children of Eliz. and Val. were Catherine, John, Julia m. Albert Kleber, all b. Ill, Then Louisa b. Missouri. All on 1860 & 1870 census in Illinois & Missouri. Appreciate and other inf. or connections anyone may have.

    Cathy Vest from Texas

    • Cathy Vest:

      Sorry, The marriage date was Aug. 14, 1870.

    • Jim Vay Rouse:

      Cathy, where in Texas? There are a lot of Rouses in the south Texas area, near Corpus Christi. They came from Arkansas in about 1912, family of Richard A Rouse. I currently live in Golden, Colorado. Have traced family back through Richard (my great grandfather), Granville, Moses and Michael Rouse, then Michael Rausch and Johann Rausch.
      Hope someone knows where my father’s and my middle name, Vay, comes from.

  • richard roush:

    I did not know your dad but My dad’s mother was a Quillen and If I remember correctly one of her sister’s married an Ernest Roush. They had a daughter, my dad’s cousin, Sarah Roush,, who was a school administrator in New Haven. I remember her dad, Ernest, had a brother named elmore but that’s all I remember. Sarah Roush later married a Dawson. She had some siblings but I don’t remember their names. My granddad is Charles Wilbur Roush who married Vena Quillen, daughter of Alexander Quillen and Eliza Capehart. I remember going to cousin Sarah’s and she sure spread out some feasts. That woman could cook.

    • forrest:

      I have nothing to add to this other than I could sure use some down home cooking!
      Thanks for sharing Richard

      • richard roush:

        Hey forrest. I have home cooiking all the time. I married a woman from the Clinch Mountain region of Virginia and she does do the home cooking. Matter of fact we’re having pintos and conrbread tonight. Another woman cooked home style was my cousin Attarah Faye Roush Dewhurst from Letart. Have a good evening Y’all from the North Carolina branch of the family.

        • forrest:

          Funny Richard my wife is from ohio like myself and she can cook like the best of them but she is at work today so I am left to my own cooking…grilled cheese….DOOH
          but thanks for rubbing it in pintos and conrbread…yes please can i have seconds! =)

          I come from the Roushes in Marietta Ohio who moved to Cleveland, I now live in North Bend , Wa
          seems like the Roush family moves around a lot

          • richard roush:

            Well it ain’t like you moved across the country haha. Been to Washington State in my trucking days. Went a lot to Bainbridge Island, Bremerton and Wenatchee area. My mother had a cuz in Pasco. I’m sure her family is still around there. I had a niece move to Maine. She went into the grocery store, asked where the pintos are and they looked at her like she was crazy, didn’t know what they were. She’s back here. There are a lot of good cooks in Ohio. My mom is a Wells from Galion. My dad was born in Roanoke, VA. Mixed up family. Do you get to go to any of the Roush Reunions?

          • forrest:

            “She went into the grocery store, asked where the pintos are and they looked at her like she was crazy, didn’t know what they were”
            OK now that is just plain wrong!!!!!!

            I have not yet made it to a reunion as i am a long way from home

            I recently found the Roush site and approached Gary Roush and said I want to help with the site
            so I redesigned the site so we all can connect easier =)

            I would like to get Sheldon more involved as he is the heart and soul of all this…

          • richard roush:

            I haven’t been involved in the association for years. The last reunion I attended was in the Shenandoah Valley, Viriginia in 1986. I am involved with four organisations, Clan Macneacil, Clan Macleod, 121st Aviation Company and the DAV. Have you contacted Sheldon about this site? I think you have done a wonderful job of setting up the site. Did you get a comeback from Gary? I’m not being nosy but asking questions to learn more. I am kin to one of the officers but we haven’t been contact for years.

          • forrest:

            Yes I have been in contact with Sheldon and Gary.
            Have not had the pleasure of meeting them in person but heck we are family!

            Like I said we are just getting this new site up and running and my hopes are that more folks will get involved with it.
            Thank you for the kind words and if you know of any anyone that needs a web site or upgrade to an existing site
            keep me in mind ;)

          • richard roush:

            you got it pal. I will definitely recommend ya.

        • H. Ross Roush:

          Hi Richard, ran across this site and had to reply when I noted your conversation about my Dads Sister Attarah Faye Dewhurst. Aunt Teck passed away on Feb. 28, 2010.. and didn’t know if you were aware of this. Take care & stay well. ROSS

    • Connie Roush:

      Richard, my great grandmother was the daughter of Alexander Quillen and married a Roush. If I remember family stories correctly, she died and he subsequently married her sister. There is no one left to verify this. Their son John Alfred Roush was my grandfather who ended up in Colorado and worked for the D & RG Railroad.

      • richard roush:

        Hey, Connie, good hearing from you. I do remember my aunts, mentioning one of their mother’s sisters married a Roush, died and he married another sister. I learned this from my Grandmother’s sister, Aunt Hattie Yeager of Ripley, WVA. My grandmother, LeVena Quillen married Charles Wilbur Roush. Her sister, Leva married Elmore Roush while another sister, Eva married Ernest Roush. Aunt Anna(Annie) married a Roush but I don’t remember which one. I remember as a boy going to visit aunt Annie Roush and Aunt Birdie Rickard who lived in Granddad Alexander’s old home in New Haven WVA. The house is now a library. Sarah Roush Dawson was a school marm and principal at Wahama High in Mason County. She had a brother named Lewis. She and my aunt Libby used to say they looked like the Quillens while the rest look like the Roushes. My great grandad Alexander Conroy Quillen married Eliza Matilda Capehart. I have a picture of them standing in front of the old homestead in New Haven WVA. I hope this helps. I look in my Roush family volumes and see what I can come up with. Have a wonderful night and a better tomorrow.

  • Gage Roush:

    Hello fellow roushes before I found roush.org I thought that I was the next roush generation but apparently not.

  • Wesley Roush:

    My Grandfather was Ernest Roush also called “Trucker Roush” at one time he sold coal in the New Haven, WV. area. I remember the stories that my Father Lewis W. Roush told me of working in the Coal Mine with his Dad. The time would be the late 1930′s or so. I would Love to talk to anyone that might remember him. Thank you Wes R.

    • richard roush:

      Hey Wesley I believe we may be some kin. My grandmothers sister married an Ernest Roush who had a son Lewis and daughter Sarah. As a young boy and man I went with my parents to Sarah’s house in New Haven. She cooked some mighty good meals, was principal, I think, at Wahama High. She married Burl Dawson. I remember Lewis being at her house a lot. This was like 1945-55. My grandmother Levena Quillen married Charles Wilbur Roush.

      • Wes Roush:

        Hi Richard, I’m sure we are cousins since Mason County, WV so I’ve been told is Roush Country. In Volume 1 of the Roush Book’s on pg. 654 is my family 4. Ernest Roush, 4th. child of Lewis Roush and Lydia Weaver b. March 21, 1881; m. Mary Louisa Rickard, of the George Roush line, December 21, 1909. She was b. March 21, 1881. They had 3 daughter’s and 2 son’s. 1. Letha T. Roush, b. April 19, 1911. 2. Enerstine Roush, b. March 22, 1913. 3. Gladys G. Roush, b. March 23, 1916. 4. Lewis W. Roush, December 13, 1917. My Dad served in WWII. 5. James F. Roush, b. July 18, 1921. My cousin Emil Hart still lives there in Mason Co. and gave me an Old Rickard Family Bible. Family Record of Sirila B. Rickard the last name listed is my Grandmother Mary Louisa Rickard.

        • richard roush:

          Hey Wes. Sorry I’ve taken so long in replying but for some reason I haven’t been going to the bottom of the page and completely overlooked your communique. I ask your forgiveness. Yes indeed, it wouldn’t surprise me atalll if we aren’t cousins. My granddad, Charles Wilbur Roush, born in New Haven 1870, died at Indian creek, Kanawha County 1948, buried at Letart beside my grandmother Olive LeVena Quillen Roush. The direct Johann Adam Rausch family I have traced back to Bernhard Rausch, born abt 1550 in Palatinate or perhaps Switzerland. His father is Jacob Rausch but I haven’t any dates or any other info on said Jacob. Have a wonderful day and I hope you had a good Memorial Day. Guten tag!!!.

          • Wes Roush:

            Hi Richard, I saw in one of your post that you decend from George Roush. I have double relation back to the original family. From George you come down to Mary Louisa Rickard Roush was my Grandma and from Jonas Roush you come down to Ernest Roush my Grandpa. They are buried in the Peter Frey cemetery in Mason County, WV. My Grandpa Ernest used to sell coal in New Haven, WV. about late 1920′s my Dad went to work with him when he was in the 6 th. grade he had to quit school. Have a Blessed Day !!! I’m going to try to learn German.

        • Linda Noble Murphy:

          Hi, Wes,
          I came upon your comment about your dad, James F. Roush while searching for soldiers listed on my dad’s roster of January 4, 1945. It was Company G, but I don’t know which division. Daddy, Rufus Benjamin Noble, was 1st Sgt of the company.
          My dad was injured….lost the calf of his left leg…….in the Battle of the Bulge. I want to find where he was, who his commanding officier was, and what happened to the guys from that unit.
          Under S/Sgt on the roster is the name Roush, James F and serial number 37665549. The document was scanned and sent to me by my brother, and with time it has faded badly. My dad kept is all those years. It must have meant a lot to him.
          Would you know if the person listed on this roster was your dad? If so, I would like to know more about him.

          Linda Noble Murphy

  • Aubriann Roush:

    My dad just currently purchased a family tree maker that has already been filled out by his Aunt and goes as far back as my 11th great grandfather. His name was Bernhardt Rausch, and he was born in 1570 in Hornbach, Germany. We have mostly all of the information between that time up until now. My great Aunt Winnie has worked very hard and has conducted a lot of research to obtain all of this information, and she has books written about our family history with articles and such as well that she is going to give to my dad. I thought I would add this!

    Aubriann Roush

    • Alan Rausch:

      Was his name actually Johann Bernard Rausch
      Born 1570 Hornbach, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
      Died 1624 Hornbach, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

  • forrest:

    Hey Rachel,
    Thanks for the kind words and Keep checking back as we will be adding more info and photos over the next few months.

    have a great day
    Forrest Roush

  • Rachel Bryan:

    This email could be totally out of place but I just thought I would write. I have been tracing my direct family lines as far back as I possibly can and I have traced my grandpa’s direct family line all the way back to John Roush. John had a son named Phillip who had a son named John who had a son named George who had a son named John who had a son named Samuel who had a son named Rueben who had a son named Leo who had a son named Harold. Harold Roush was my grandpa. He only had one son, Wendell who had no male children, only girls. It was just way easier to trace the male line of my family for some reason. I would love to learn more information about my family. I enjoy your site and will be showing it to my family. Thanks.

    Rachel Bryan

    • James Kinniard:

      Please e-mail me a family group sheet. Thanks Jim

    • dalena prentice:

      Im looking for Arlene M Roush born in 1921 I believe kansas? she was my grandmother who I believe was full blood indian she married joe smith and then lewis molinari on my dads death record says his mothers maiden name norris but ss records says roush help?

    • Monique Leonard:

      Hello, I am a descendent of Phillip Roush Sr. as well. He is my 6th G. grandfather. My line extends from his daughter Molly Roush who married David Knopp. His father was John Adams Roush Born 1711, germany. He emigrated to america in 1736 to Pennsyvania. He then married Susannah Sehler. They many children Phillip being one of them. John and his family moved to the shenandoah valley. John adams Roush’s parents were Johann Nicholas Roush and Anna Catherine Alberts. Johann’s parents were Johann abraham Roush and Maria Margaretha Faber. Johann abraham parents were Johann Wilhem Roush and Anna Hammerin. I have been able to trace the Roush line back to the 1500′s. If I can be of any more help please let me know.

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